Iphone 3gs locked to ATT *HELP!*

    Hello everyone, First post, please be patient! :-) I have been looking on this site for a while and have seen how helpful everyone can be, so I thought I would also ask for your help. I have a 3gs iphone which is locked to the ATT network in America. It is on Itunes 4.1. It is working just says no sim installed, so basically we are using it as an ipod touch with wifi where available. But would like to use it as a proper phone too! Does anyone know a way to unlock it, if there is a semi easy way to do ourselves, or some where to send it, and pay, as we are not that technical minded? I have an o2 pay monthly account mobile at minute so would like to put that sim card in this 3gs. Thanks everyone for any advice! Lisa



    what firmware is the phone running#?


    yeh thats what i meant, ill let you take over dcx

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    Thanks for your replies I will have a look tommorow and post on here!
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