Iphone 3gs officially unlocked is locked!

    So an iPhone I bought the other day was working fine on all networks. It was jailbroken, but not unlocked via ultrasn0w or any other kind of software as when you checked the status of the phone on the Apple site, it states that the phone is unlocked to all UK networks. However, I wanted to restore the phone today to factory settings. I've updated it to iOs 4.2.1 but it only works on Orange! The phone was originally from Orange as an orange leaflet came with the phone but its since been unlocked officially so why doesn't any oter network work? Thanks!


    Hi. If the phone has been officially unlocked then once you've upgraded it you need to unplug it from iTunes, put in your other sim (the one you want to use) and plug the phone back into iTunes. This should then complete the unlock process.
    Hope this helps.

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    That method doesn't work. It comes up with "The sim card inserted in this iPhone does not seem to be supported".

    You could try another firmware flash possibly from a different PC but that's a longshot.

    Sounds like it was software unlocked
    I'd take it back to the shop

    Did you get a message in iTunes telling you it was unlocked? If not then it hasn't officially been unlocked.
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