iPhone 3GS on Three

Found 22nd Feb 2011
I can see the cheapest offer is £129 one off payment and £25 a month.

I am due to upgrade now, will 3 offer me anything better than this which is on their site? Just wondered if anyone managed to get an iphone on a cheaper deal with 3. Thanks
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my son got a iphone 4 16gb for £400 plus £10 per month for 300 mins/unlimited texts/2gb data all on a 12 month contract, so yes there are deals if you ring up..
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Thats not a deal! He bought it on PAYG then which is online.
Went into local shop was offered this
I have pic to prove as its advertised on blackboard outside of shop
Nationwide too

Iphone 3gs
£69 upfront then £25per mth 24 mth contract
2000 mins
5000 texts
5000 3to3 mins
all u can eat data (unlimited internet)
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Really? That's really cheap. When was this?
They were doing an upgrade deal for existing customers where the upfront fee was waived and it was £25 a month. Tell them you got an SMS or a bill insert a couple of months ago but are only now eligible and see what they say.
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