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    My Partner is currently on O2 and really wants the 3 GS 32GB Iphone and is looking ideally for an 18 month contract, worse case 24 months.

    02 didn't seem interested in keeping her as a customer and didn't give her any sort of deal.

    Any help appreciated.


    Have you seen the post for the htc hd2, very nice phone

    Everyone charges the same (within 50p or so) for iphone contracts so o2 are not going to undercut. Probably, the cheapest way to get one is to take out a cheap sim only contract (possibly through o2 retentions if you've still got a contract with them) and buy a PAYG iphone to use on it.

    Pay as you go iPhones, like the iPhone contracts, are a complete rip.

    I wasn't due for an upgrade with O2 until April, but I upgraded to an iPhone today, but the only way to do it is to buy yourself out of the remaining months on your contract first - so I had to pay that charge as well as the additional charge for the phone itself. O2 aren't going to waiver anything on the iPhone, even if you're an existing customer.

    Here's a good tip.. get that HD2 contract, sell the HD2 on.. to CEX or something, and buy the IPhone from eBay. It's what i done with the origional HD phone, and ended up getting the IPhone for £170 in total. on a £25 contract with unlimited texts and 600mins.

    Could easily get £400 for the HD2 on fleaBay
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