iPhone 3gs screen protector

    I need a screen protector for my iPhone 3gs but am not sure which one to get. I have seen a lot of people with their phones covered with protectors but there are loads of bubbles under the film, which looks stupid. Others have it perfect with not a single bubble. Is this due yo a beter quality protector purchased and if so can someone point me in the righ direction please...(don't really want to spend a too muh eitheif possible :-))... Thanks


    its usually due to how well they're put on ^_^

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    Lol thanks coerce I thought that might be the case, seems like there are hundreds to choose from and not sure which one to get.....

    Get the cheapest, from ebay. Dont buy the £10 ones in shops, they are exactly the same. Just take a bit of time putting one on, I use a sock while I place the film on the screen to iron out any bubbles

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    And are there any bubbles under the film?

    Not if you put it on correctly. If you so dread doing it just pop into a phone shop and ask someone to do it for you. That what I had to do to get the sim into my iPhone as I were totally clueless >_

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    Lol I might hink about doing that... Want it to be bubble free:-)...
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