Iphone 3G(s) still to be exclusive to o2

    link here…705

    Highly dissapointed hoped they'd release it to all networks but no. Oh well still considering buying it


    Original Poster

    how's it expired?

    how much will it cost in UK tho for PAYG :?

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    £440 or £538 for the different sizes


    £440 or £538 for the different sizes

    lol...I'd be as well buying one of the other ones at £340...

    wots the improvements?

    Original Poster…tml

    theres the link and mainly it has

    # Improved performance
    # 3-megapixel autofocus camera
    # Video recording
    # Voice Control
    # Digital compass
    # Cut, Copy & Paste
    # MMS23
    # Spotlight Search
    # Landscape keyboard
    # Voice Memos
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