Iphone 3GS unlock only to vodafone?

    Wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice?
    I have just got a new iphone 3gs, its a pay ang you go with a 02 sim. Im on contract with vodafone so want to use this sim which i have free web etc.
    I just want to unlock the phone, can i do this without jailbreaking it?
    And what sim do i put in the phone to unlcok it........the O2 or the vodafone?


    You have to jailbreak the phone to unlock it and you need to use your o2 sim card first to activate it first through itunes if I'm not mistaken. Can use o2 website to unlock but it costs £14 and can only do it after 12 months?

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    Thanks for the replys..............i cant do it on 02 website as only got this least this points me in the right direction..........there are so many instructions online its hard to know what is best to do!


    O2 wont unlock it yet as its PAYG

    they will only unlock contract iPhones at anytime


    the porter;7054440


    think not

    O2 wont unlock PAYG iPhones until a certain period of time has passed. Says so themselves

    We may not be able to unlock your iPhone for a variety of reasons. Here's a few common ones:

    •You may have not typed in the correct IMEI number (found by keying *#06# on your iPhone) and the correct mobile phone number. If these don't match the numbers we have on our system, then the iPhone can't be unlocked.

    •Your iPhone must have been purchased from an O2, Carphone Warehouse or Apple UK store for it to be unlocked. If this isn't the case, then you need to go back to the place you purchased your iPhone from to get it unlocked.

    •Your mobile number may have been barred on all networks if you've reported it lost or stolen. If your iPhone is no longer lost, please contact our customer service team.

    •We can't locate your iPhone on the O2 network. This may happen if you haven't 'synced' your iPhone with iTunes.

    If you're a Pay & Go customer, the iPhone must have been active on our network for a minimum of 12 months.
    •If you're a Pay & Go customer, you may not have had enough airtime credit on your account to pay the £14.69 fee required to have your iPhone unlocked.

    Note: if we're not able to unlock your iPhone, then the £14.69 fee will be automatically refunded for our Pay & Go customers.

    happy now?


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    your still wrong mine was done and many others on avforums for free and … your still wrong mine was done and many others on avforums for free and yes im extatic

    Seems your medal is missing in the post

    Perhaps the reasons stated on O2's website are the reasons the OP can't get his unlocked?

    feel free to be ecstatic - but learn to spell it first imbecile


    the porter;7054853

    lol now how did i know you would pick me up on the spellingthe op hasnt … lol now how did i know you would pick me up on the spellingthe op hasnt even tried to unlock it yet has hes just received ittheres not many peolpe who irritate me on here but your 1 of them you are a tool :)stick to pulling people up in littlewoods threads

    see post above

    PAYG CANNOT be unlocked unless its been on the network for a 12 month period - straight from O2's own website. This may be why the OP cannot get it unlocked yet? BECAUSE he has just received it?

    You my friend are slowly looking like the tool round here............
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