iPhone 3GS vs. 3G - worth the extra dosh?

    Hi folks,

    Could anyone share their opinions on the difference between the iPhone 3g, and the 3GS? Is the 3GS performance wise, worth the extra dosh?

    I'm looking to put most of my apps onto an iPhone, and keep my 64gb 3rd gen Touch for mainly music.

    Will the 3G be able to handle all my apps well? Will loading etc. be much slower than my 3rd gen touch?

    Is it worth the extra £100+ for an 8gb 3GS?

    It will be jailbroken, so I'll have multitasking either way... Will I get video ability with a jailbroken 3G?

    I'd love a 4, but can't justify that at the moment, will wait for the next generation.

    Please let me know your findings/opinions.



    Defo 3G S , 3g is way too sluggish imo.

    I bought an 8GB 3G in August and after reading reports and looking at speed comparisons I decided to sell after a few weeks and upgrade to a 3GS 16GB.

    I tried everything to speed things up with my 3 but it was very slow at opening messages, browsing with Safari and using Cydia

    The difference is very noticeable, the S in 3GS means 'speed' and comparing the speed of a 3GS, a 3G and an 4, the 4 and 3GS are very close speed wise and the 3 lags behind.

    IMO opinion the difference in the 3G to the 3GS is worth the money, but I wouldn't pay the difference between the 3GS and the iPhone 4 as the screen (although excellent) and the features like facetime (that lets face it you will hardly ever use) are not worth the extra expense

    I have the 16gb 3G and yes it's much slower than the 3GS.

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    I found some broken ones, and i'm quite technically minded, so checked it out, but wow, prices for broken iphone's are very high! Once fixed, it'd end up costing more than a working one!

    I guess the parts are worth more sold individually though?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the input everyone, looks like I need to find a cheap 3GS!

    They don't seem to lose much value though!
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