iPhone 4 16GB on 3 - £25ppm

    Just wanted to bounce this off people on here for their opinions...

    Just upgraded my existing contract with 3 to get an iPhone 4 16GB with 500 mins, 5000 texts, 1GB internet for £25ppm with a £99 upfront cost for the phone.

    The choker.. this is on a 36 month contract.

    Is this a reasonable deal? Or should I ring back and cancel or try and re-negotiate, if so, what should I be aiming to get it down to?


    get it down to a fiver a month and a free fudge donut every day

    Seems to be a but if a long contract that, I got my iPhone 4 on a two year one and I thought that was long! The one benefit of mine is the phone is covered for the length of the contract
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    lol a 3 year contract.

    depends if u like the phone really, ultimately u can get a rolling contract that gives u the same amount of minutes, texts and internet for the same monthly cost. Only difference is u get a free phone, and rolling contract u are not tied down to anyone for 3 years.

    Personally i wouldn't touch a 3 year contract


    Its only an extra £5 per month for the same deal online, but for 24 months

    so £30 x 24 = £720 whereas yours is £25 x 36 = £900

    You'd be better with the online one, since your an existing customer they should better the price too!

    Also - topcashback pay £64.00 cashback

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your replies and opinions guys.

    I'm thinking I might cancel the deal then and just try and buy the phone outright so I'm free to buy a SIM tariff online
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