Found 14th Nov 2010
OK, so I have found a Tesco that have an Iphone in for me to pick up tomorrow. However I want to confirm that Im getting a decent deal on it.

I am looking at the 32GB (£299) with 12 months on a £35/month.

35x 12= 420
Total £719

This equates to £59 month
Seems alot, but it is a 12 month contract!

Any thoughts before I commit?


what are you getting minutes/text internet use wise?


buy one off ebay - probably used for around a couple of weeks or if your lucky a brand new one sealed for around £450 - £500 and get the 12 month £7.50 (600 mins unltd texts 3gb internet) t-mobile sim which will cost you in total £540 - £590 over the 12 months

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Get an Orange SF and save your money.
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Original Poster

Its 750mins
Unlimited txts
1Gb internet
Unlimited wifi

Seems pretty good to me!

I looked at the Orange San Fran, but am pretty set on iphone

get a decent phone instead and pay less?

Just the internet that puts me off. Surely it should be unlimited?

for the 4 it's a good deal, and you're only option is tesco for a 12 month contract
the internet is also the highest you'll get, shame it's not unlimited anymore, but 1gb a month seems to be the top offering

lol at the people still bitchin and saying get another phone, opinions are like a**holes, everyones got one...and theirs stinks!
iPhone it
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