iphone 4 7.1.2 jailbroken can youh unlock it to use all sims?

    hi there,
    im thinking to buy a iphone 4 from a friend it is on ios 7.1.2 and is jailbroken
    is there a way to unlock it via jailbreak as its on ee i want to use it on giffgaff

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    You need something called ultrasnow I believe it was. Last time I looked (was iphone 4s during the end of 2013) there was no new update to ultrasnow, after the ios 7.0.1 release (believe it was 7.0.1).

    I then moved to android, so I'm not sure what new has been put onto the jailbreak scene. But I wouldn't hold my breath to the jailbreak doing all the work on the network unlocking. It could be more stable now, but at the time, mine had issues and had to be re-jailbroken a few times to reset network issues.

    You haven't been able to unlock an iPhone with jailbreak for years. You'll either have to get your friend to unlock it, move networks or buy an unlocked one (or one on O2)
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