iphone 4

    quick question guys i got the new iphone for over a mnth now. its on payg with o2. last mnth i topped up £10 an got unlimited net (500mb) this mnth i changed the package where i get no net free. now i keep gettin a msg sayin

    "message from wap: 02 u need at least 17p calltime credit to access ur mobile net service"

    now why is that? even when i dnt go on the net it just automatically try to access it. how do i stop this please?


    You will have push email, or email being fetched every 5 to 60 minutes.

    Turn it off from within the mail, contacts, calendars setting. Change fetch new data to manually, and push to off.

    ...or just go to settings>general>network and turn off celular data.

    Original Poster

    u mean mobile data?

    Original Poster

    just changed it an still gettin the msg =(

    Check your balance. Same thing happens to me when it's at £0.00.

    Original Poster

    my balance is 0 atm because im on a simplicity tarrif. just worried when i change package next mnth the same thing will happen

    Ring o2 and tell them to turn notifications off.
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