iPhone 4 Bluetooth Headset?

    Hi guys

    I need to get a new bluetooth headset that is compatible with the iPhone 4 - Since it refuses to link to anything -.- (Especially my Nokia earpiece which I only bought a month or so ago...)

    Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations? Budget is about £30 - Refuse to pay £80 or something for a jawbone.

    I have found one on Amazon but was looking for some help from you lot (See post 1 for link)



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    Plantronics headset:…8-9

    Has good reviews but they seem to be old - Need to know if it works with iphone 4!

    My crappy vodafone (branded plantronics) bluetooth headset works with my iphone 3gs ios 4.0.1. I got this one:…e_0

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    Thanks Spriggan. Any other iPhone 4 users got any advice? Usually iPhone threads are packed with people! >.

    Samsung shb 650 was supposed to work but apple crippled the bluetooh spec further so it don't work anymore.

    Apple thieve tech and then rape it some more.

    Hopefully a cheap 1 works
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