iphone 4- cash or paypal

    is it safe to sell an iphone to someone who is collecting using paypal or not?

    he has one id with 0 feedback and one id with 75 feedback


    no if he wants to pick up cash only

    I think under Paypal terms and conditions you will not be covered

    cash only

    If they're picking up you can't prove you 'delivered' it, which you possibly would need to if they paid by paypal and it went **** up

    dont do it - accept cash

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    hmmm. right il tell him, cash only!

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    thanks guys

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    what about paypal gift?

    cash only, seriously don't give an inch, if they collect they bring the readies.

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    cool. i have texted him now saying, thanks for the offer but its too risky


    otherwise the seller can put a claim in saying he paid and its not been delivered.... then its upto the seller to prove they posted it....

    No tracking ref = buyer gets full refund..

    WoW WoW WoW OP This is what happened to me on ebay not long ago.
    I sold a iphone 3g for £200 + & the buyer came from Essex (so his address details said). He used the Buy it now option & around 4-5 hours later I get a message asking would it be OK to collect as he's up in Scotland just now visiting family members.I looked on paypal to make sure it was not a Echeque & so said yes because he had paid me in full.He collected that night & that was last I heard of the deal.over 4 weeks later paypal email me to say a credit card company had reported to them that one of there customers credit cards had been stolen & used on ebay to buy stuff & that they wanted 100% full refund.Paypal of course agreed with the Bank/Credit card & told me I was to refund them/paypal in full.I've since had to use my sisters paypal as I'm given them nothing.
    Also the guy had did 9 of us & 1 seller got his car plate number just in case he was a scammer.
    The seller told the police about what happened & that he had the guys car Reg (great).After the Police arrested the guy,They had to let him go because Paypal,The bank & the So-Called honest guy who owned the Card never reported any crime.What a crazy world we live-in.

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    woah man, thats crazy, lucky i didnt let him collect
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