iphone 4 cheapest pay as you go

    I am looking to buy cheapest pay as you go iphone 4 , possibily unlocked one


    Sure their £499, EVERYWHERE!

    T-mobile are offering them on PAYG for £499, but anywhere you buy it from on PAYG will be network locked - you may aswell buy it Sim Free direct from Apple as they come unlocked.

    I wouldnt get one just yet.. alot of ppl are just not gettin them cause there pretty rubbish as Apple did rush in to making a new phone

    It's £479 on tesco pay and go. I've got an iphone 4 and haven't had any problems with it, but my mate also has one and he's got the signal issues.

    You have to remember that for all the people that have signal issues, there are thousands of people without them, so it's a bit hit and miss really.

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    Thanks , It's just that every time i check web its out of stock. i Knew tesco is doing a better PAYG deal at the movement . i guess i have to kept cheeking

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    bought Orange Mobile - San Franciso amazing feature better than iphone , no jailbreak and only £99
    paid $3 to unlock
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