iphone 4 deal wanted can anyone help me

hi been looking for the new iphone 4 on o2 but unsure what to get best ive come across is

209.00 from carphone warehouse
30 amonth 18 months
= 749.00 total

now is there anyway getting one cheaper or better deal?

please leave me details thanks


Tesco Mobile
12 months
£349 upfront
£20 a month
£49.08 avergage cost per month
£589 total cost

or buy it from Apple and get a 12 month contract or something. Still works out cheaper than cpwh

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want o2 cause i have a deal running with broadband and house phone

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anyone help

well technically, tesco is half 02 lol. but the best 02 deal is...
probably that one...
i tell you what, you could phone up and pitch them the tesco deal and see if they will beat it as you're a loyal customer?

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ive order one from o2 as im away weds to egpyt so wanted one for camera etc
paid 8 pound to upgrade early
229 for phone
55 for apple care.
so unsure now if i done the right thing?

what sort of deal did you get? how many mins, texts and internet usage? and how much? and for how long?

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not that good really just wanted the phone
got 100min
unlimted text

you regretting it? you can always cancel it you know and get a htc or samsung galaxy s

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want the iphone but..... cost alot
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