Iphone 4 from Apple store online?

Apple store says 3 weeks dispatch.

Anyone here bought one from there recently?
Is it really 3 weeks or within 3 weeks?

Thanks for help ppl


If you have an Apple store near you, best bet is ringing them up and getting on the reserve list. It took me 2 weeks after release date to get one. If not then i dont know sorry!

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Thanks wonkey.

Anyone else ordered online from them?

Yep 2 to 3 weeks still or get a samsung galaxy hd or a desire hd you will get 1 on release or for £200 a week later like wonkey said ring your local every morning first thing ,they are worth it though and worth the wait don't forget quidco if going online

My friend walked into the Apple store in Milton Keynes yesterday and walked out with a 32gb iPhone4. They had them in stock with no "reserve list".

It's been saying 3 weeks for the 5 weeks that i know of could even be more!


I bought mine from an Apple retail store a few weeks back - no reservation list.

I got mine in just over 2 weeks, recieved last Thursday and sent back as I didn't like it. Pretty quick and excellent shipping via UPS. So far returns has been a doddle too (Apple recieved back today).

Quidco Cashback is not available on iphone 4 for the record, people keep adding that but its not.

My local Apple Store (Glasgow) has quite a big waiting list so the best bet is order online, 3 weeks comes round quick!
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