iPhone 4 Front & Back Protection

    Finally took the plunge and bought an iPhone 4. Now I need to protect the front and back - any recommendations folks?

    Either protectors or cases - what do you use?


    i have one of these great for the money…tml?searchstring=Pl4ycomsalembls&searchtype=allproducts&searchfilters=s{Pl4ycomsalembls}%2bc{397}%2b&pa=search&page=search&d=1&ob=4&urlrefer=search

    powersupport for the screen protector, incase snap for the back.

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    cheers - any others?

    Protector - Zagg shield. Or a cheaper alternative, stealth guard. The quality is not as good though.
    Case - Speckcandy shell, otterbox defense.

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    I had a Zagg on my HTC Magic and wasnt impressed

    Will look at Speck

    If installed properly zagg are awesome, speck are quality also with good protection and look very slick for the ultimate protection it has to be an otterbox, commuter model has served me well as has the impact range, the defender is an absolute beast too!

    Don't buy a zagg they are awful
    Rubbery and they discolour in time.

    Get a phone devil for the screen they're great


    PhearFactor …

    That looks unreal. I was just about to order an "Otterbox defender" which looks pretty awesome. I need something strong cos i go mountain biking.

    When is that thing available im gonna have to hold out i think

    I am not sure, they appear to have been around for a year or so. They seem very professional, but I am wondering if they are actually looking for a buyout from a bigger company. Or perhaps they are waiting on a patent, they do take a while. They seem totally legit though, perhaps everything is a very good viral campaign to up their eventual take-over price lol

    Whatever happens, I think the chances of us hearing about Lifeproof cases in the future are pretty high. There is a possibility that if they do get taken over by someone bigger, it might not be a case manufacturer, it might be a phone manufacturer (or someone else entirely?), so if it isn't Apple, this product will probably never hit the shelves.

    This video pretty much sums it up, featured on CNN aswell. Appears to me like they have their prototype, its amazing, now its time to churn in some money.
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    I went powersupport for the front and the back. Awesome

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    Cheers folks

    Went for a phone devil for the screen and a speck candyshell for the rest.


    Cheers folksWent for a phone devil for the screen and a speck candyshell … Cheers folksWent for a phone devil for the screen and a speck candyshell for the rest.

    Very nice i had that set up but now changed it to a Speck HD Pixel skin slightly less protection but a lower profile and Matt Phone Devil instead of Clear which i found should to many finger prints

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