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Found 1st Apr 2011
I have had my iphone 4 stolen yesterday from my hand in leeds yesterday. I do not currently have insurance but i am thinking that i could possibly buy insurance now for my iphone and then make a claim . Could people please advise on take further action related to making and insurance claim. thanks
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No you cant take out insurance for an event that is in the past. That is insurance fraud.
do you have contents insurance as that can cover theft sometimes?

as above said.
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That is illegal mate! However you can get it blocked by your network assuming it was registered under your name?
lol good luck OP
Did you a favour... you're better off with HTC ....
I think when you take out new policies, you can't claim til 90 days have elapsed, but as others have mentioned, this is fraud.
And even if you wanted to attempt fraud, which isn't a good idea - liable to getting caught without even touching on the moral/legality of it, it stops you reporting it and blocking the phone, so the scummers get to make money out of you.
You cannot buy insurance after the event that you wish to insure agaisnt has happened. That is illegal and why insurance is so expensive for the majority of law abiding people!
Let's all point and say ha ha
Some premium bank accounts and credit cards can cover you for your mobile and you may not know about it, ring the house insurance also? they may help.
Plus if it was stolen out of your hand, you'd have to report to the Police to obtain a crime number...which would have todays date on it...

hope your not gonna be using fs/ft on here oO
April fools?
technically u can't claim, insurance is to cover risk not to cover something that has already happened.

if u've reported it to the network then they will know. U probably need the imei number on your phone which can be tracked by the phone company any way.

as other have suggested your house hold insurance may cover you, but it usually only covers the cost to replace or how much u paid (which ever is less). So if you've purchased it on contract and got it free then you may not get anything.


April fools?

Could be. Registered to post this thread.

Although, it's after 12 so if they weren't a fool before, they are now.
Lol. If its not a April fool or a prankster, its incredibly stupid: register with your own (rather unique) name and basically ask for advice on how to commit insurance fraud!
So, who did you have steal if off you then and more importantly, how much did you pay them?
OP was it 2 black guys :-/
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