Iphone 4 Jaiklbreak for ios4

    Hey guys

    Just wondering if at all if there is a Jailbreak for ios4 on iPhone 4? Or is everyone waiting ?

    thanks all


    Original Poster

    Hmmm can't see anywhere

    Will leave it for just now thanks buddy

    pwnage JB is available but you need a mac

    edit: sorry,I have done it on a 3GS,not sure about iphone 4

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    I think they were waiting until the actual phone had been released just to make sure things were ok

    Blackrain was so easy to use... I had mine JB in minutes

    no, there isn't as yet as you're iphone 4 will have the new bootrom, it would need the old bootrom to be jailbroken.

    Keep looking at iclarified or gsmforum and the software will be released soon i'm sure (i'm waiting too)

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    Cool dude, send me a message if you hear of it being released

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