Iphone 4 jailbreak

    i was looking to get a new iphone at the end of this month. Is there a jailbreak out for it????

    If anyone else has it whats it like?? (iphone 4)


    yes its out and umm its like any other iphone or ipod touch.

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    any help on whats the best jailbreak for it then??

    no jailbreak at the mo, its tethered


    no jailbreak at the mo, its tethered

    There is a jailbreak untethered for 4.2.1 using greenp0ison

    the current ios is 4.3.2 as it stands no untethered jb

    I doubt if a new phone is purchased its going to be on 4.3.2. If you hurry up and purchase one it'll probably be on 4.3.

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    great thanks for your help
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