hi everyone im seeking your advice i have come to an end with my 3 contract when i rung them they have offered me a iphone 4 32gb handset cost £100 and then they will put me on 2000 mins xnetwork, 5000 texts, 5000 3 to 3 mins, 1 gb internet and 150 picture messages for £33 per month including vat. is this a good deal? and has anyone seen anything better? thanks in advance


    That sounds like a pretty standard price point for the iphone 4..... 35/month and pay something for the phone. With other networks, you'd get less minutes and have to pay more upfront for the phone so I think its a good deal!
    But, cheapest will always be buying it off ebay or sim free and getting an o2 or voda sim only deal with cashback (when available)
    Hope that helps!

    i hate when the companies do this knowing that the majority of people would never use 2000 mins, 5000 texts, + 5000 own network minutes ! they take away the only thing that prob would be used the most and thats the internet ! all bloody rip offs !

    1gb limit
    iPhone uses a lot of Internet
    I am on three unlimited Internet and i do check emails a lot and like in the second week of the month I get txts saying you have reached your allowance under xyz policy etc but they can't charge me if i go over as it's unlimited you might want to check what your extra going over charge would be because it could rack up with costs if you don't keep a close eye
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