Iphone 4 Price In UK?

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Found 11th Jun 2010
What do you guys think the price will be for the iphone 4 when it comes out in the uk (handset only, not on contract)... Do you think it'll be out this month, I think it might be delayed till next month but I duno lol...


No way it'll be delayed. 24th for sure.

As for price, i HOPE it'll be the same £179 (on a 24 month £35 contract, like it is now), but given the falling of the pound against the dollar, i wouldn't be surprised to see if it went £199, or £219.

handset only price is £599

Uncle Monkey;8817984

handset only price is £599

Any you got that information from...??


Any you got that information from...??


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I heard its going to be the same price as the 3gs? What was the 3gs handset only price when it came out? Who's getting the new iphone then?

£499 for 16GB and £599 for 32GB



I thought as much!

Id say £450 for 16gb £500 for 32GB


3gs will overtake 3g prices while iPhone 4 will overtake 3gs prices


Any you got that information from...??

Told you so

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