Found 26th Jan 2011
I have been using an official Apple iPhone bumper on my iPhone 4 for quite a few months now. Took it off for the first time in a few weeks and noticed a small what at first I thought was a scratch on my phone, I suddenly realised it might be a small crack in the top corner near the camera. It is underneath the glass, you can't "feel" the scratch. I just wanted to know if this is covered under the warranty that Apple offer. As I would go and get this repaired if it is. But having had a repair earlier last year for a pixel drop in my screen I am a little confused as to whether this will be covered. I'm sure it's not from misuse. As I have a few little scratches from general usage. I know for a fact that I have not dropped it to do this damage.
Any help is appreciated.


its under warranty just book a genious app

Take it back, I had the same thing after using one of the bumpers. They swapped it for me.

If there's no impact damage they'll replace it on the spot

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Spoke to a technical support rep. Sorted it. Hairline cracks are covered. There is no impact damage, so therefore I can get a fresh one! Hell yes! Success! Also for anyone else out there with the same problem, as long as the bezzle/antennae is not damaged then you are fine. A "spider" crack (their words not mine) are not covered; as this is most likely the owners fault.
Thanks for the help guys. I'll make sure you all get some rep.

I will be off to the apple store soon, the home button on mine is not responding, its so nice to get a fresh handset every once in a while

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Got a new handset. Disappointed I can't jailbreak again though. Want to try 4.3 Beta. But it seems more trouble than it's worth!
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