IPhone 4 replacement new or refurbished ?

    Guys I'm just wondering what to look out for when I possibly return my faulty iPhone 4 tomorrow ?
    Has anyone received a new one and if so what kind of box was it in? Did you specifically demand a new one or were you just given a replacement? Is there any way to know it's a brand new one?

    If you were given an refurbished one how did you know it was? Did the phone not have any of the clear screen stickers on that knd of thing

    Thanks all


    I had mine replaced, I asked for a new one and it had the stickers on it. The guy that gave it said that they salvage the good parts of the faulty iphone 4 and make the refurb iphone 4 so it was a mixture of new and old parts.

    The good thing is that my iphone 4 was simlocked to o2 and now its sim free, which is brill. as my contract runs out next month.

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    My Home button works periodically, sometimes it takes 3-5 pushes before the button works

    I could take it in but I'm thinking what happens if I get a phone with the reception signal problem back, at the moment I don't have that problem lol

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    Are the new ones not sealed and something like a black box?


    Are the new ones not sealed and something like a black box?

    Yeah they are sealed and in a black box.

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    Cool, might make a trip up to the shop then


    The refurbs come in a little white box with the phone wrapped in bubble wrap.
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