iPhone 4 sim cards

    Where can you get iPhone 4 simcard for free on vodafone

    I am looking to do the 02 free unlock from 02

    I also have a giffgaff simcard that I was thinking of using that I got via quidco but that would have to be cut down.

    What is my best options

    Does the phone have to be restored each tine I put another operators sim card in the handset


    I dont know why you would want to be on vodafone so seems a little silly to ignore giffgaff just because you have to cut the sim. It is a fairly easy job, here People at giffgaff will actually do it for you as they get the £5 credit. Request a giffgaff minisim
    There is no need to restore your phone every time you change operators, but you do have to plug in the iphone into itunes for it to be activated.

    Go into a Vodafone shop and ask to purchase a Pay and go sim card for the iphone 4..


    Pm me and I will send u a giffgaff sim pre cut
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