Iphone 4 Using Data by itself

    Something has gone very wrong with my iphone. It ate through 2GB of data within a day. I got a text in the morning saying i have incurred a charge of £23. By the time i got to checking, it had gone up to £42.

    Three were kind enough to remove the charge and give me a further 2GB without any questions asked, but i have had to turn mobile data off as the phone just keeps using the internet. Even with no apps open it still uses internet.

    Jailbroken using limerain on 4.1

    I have not installed any apps on my phone recently. Roughly around the same time that my phone went crazy i had synced my phone with itunes.

    Any suggestions?


    My N95 Nokia use to do that and it turned out to be to do with it checking for emails at regular intervals without me knowing,i ended up with £64 bill which they wouldnt let slide !! :o(

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    mine did it all in ONE day!

    i remember checking my internet usage and it was fine, then all of a sudden all 2GB gone.,

    Disable notifications and push email too.

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    I've disabled everything for now.

    ive always been connected by wifi so dont know why my phone is even using the 3G signal


    inb4 user error somewhere along the line.

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    also can someone on 4.2.1 on the iphone 4 tell me what baseband your using?

    It's 03.10.01

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    so upgrading could potentially wipe out chances of a new unlock.

    I used a program called Bossprefs to block my phone from using Edge data.
    Assume it has been upgraded to allow 3g blocking on newer models.

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    im doing that at the moment. Using SB setting to block mobile data.

    Three were cool enough to give me an additional 4GB for FREE until i get my problem sorted so that i dont accidently go over again.

    I might just have to reset my phone to 4.1.
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