iphone 4 vs htc evo…ded

    contains swearing


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    i didnt think the evo was coming out in this country?

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    no idea mate,

    Bad news for the UK & Europe however… HTC have revealed that it’s not com … Bad news for the UK & Europe however… HTC have revealed that it’s not coming to these shores. A suitably straightlaced official word from their spokespeople is “…there are no current plans for this handset to be available in Europe.”Unfortunately, the HTC Evo’s 4G capabilities would be useless in this country – at present WiMax network presence in the UK is negligible. We’ll have to wait for some serious investment from the networks before phones like the Evo become available here.

    I dont care.

    been posted before brah


    well wasn't what i expected, thought it was going to be another serious iphone vs htc video with some gimp comparing stats, funny vid

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    I dont care.been posted before brah

    Well I just saw this and wanted to share (_;)

    N810 wi-max never took off either.

    Basically wi-max is for areas where 3G isn't, and for an area as small as the GB, it's probably never viable - unless it usurps 3G.

    Evo may have all that stuff but an iphones an iphone
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