iPhone 4S Searching, No Service or Invalid Sim After Screen Replacement

    Hi there,

    I brought an iPhone 4S of a friend which was on EE but also had a cracked screen.
    I was using the phone whilst it was cracked until it cracked more.
    I thought about ordering a screen and so I did. (I ordered it of eBay and it works and fitted perfectly as people say its a load of junk)
    I asked a local phone shop to do it and they were charging me £30 labour fees and so were others at the same price range.
    Then I replaced it myself and I did a pretty good job until I turned it on it will say Searching, No Service or Invalid Sim.
    I had a look on Google, YouTube and other sites and I've done nearly everything they've said to fix it.
    So far I have done a complete reset, checked the antenna and also replaced them, I've done a network settings reset and there is no difference.
    As ASDA MOBILE are powered by EE I inserted that into the phone it'll say the same thing until I go to settings carrier and uncheck the automatic selection which makes it manual then it will search and come up with ASDA MOBILE when I check it, it will have a tick next to it but I still can't make calls.
    I know the phone is not blocked because I was using it myself before I changed the screen.

    Can someone please help me as I am going abroad in a few weeks and need the phone working so I can get it unlocked.



    You need to take all screws out and make sure you put the right screws in right places

    Have you tested it with an EE sim?
    I've come across Tesco only phones that will nt take O2 and vice-versa. It is possible this just does not like the Asda sim regardless of who the backbone is

    Original Poster

    I've tried Orange, T-Mobile, ASDA MOBILE and EE's own sim no difference between them

    I would def check the antennas and screws to ensure the correct ones are used.
    the iPhone 4s has several different size screws for the board, screen, screen corners, battery etc

    You've aleady reset it fully so it won't be software

    Just to make sure it's not blocked, you could check the imei on checkmend or PM me your IMEI number and I'll check as I have an account etc.

    Failing all that, it is possible you have damaged the small Blue coil inductor near the battery connector/antenna connector. If this happens, you will get no signal/searching... etc
    Clearly it is reading the sim card as you would not have activated it after resetting it.

    If it is the latter one, then it is a solder job and not an easy one as the coil is less than 1mm in size.

    Original Poster

    does anyone have a guide of what size screw goes where on the whole phone as I have lost a few screws and am going to order a replacement set

    ifixit has good guides and youtube vids to help with screws and stuff
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