iphone 5 questions

    My daughter wants an iphone and I've been offered an iphone 5 in excellent condition for £120, locked to EE.
    Does this sound like a reasonable deal and how much would it cost to unlock if I wanted to put a Talktalk sim in it?


    EE charge about 20 quid to unlock it but there are strings attached i'd strongly advise you to get the person who currently owns it to have it unlocked and pay them the extra if you decide to purchase it. what is the storage capacity?

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    It's 16GB

    Good 8GB is too small. It is not a bad price if you stay with EE.

    I think it I a very good price. Obviously dependant on condition

    I had one and had to sell it as I was quoted £120 to get it unlocked!

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    Is £20 the standard price for getting it unlocked or can it be done cheaper elsewhere?

    A good price but if you want it unlocked you need to be with EE 6 months before they will unlock it. Best to get the current owner to unlock it for you.

    Good prixe but get it unlocked by previous owner also make sure you know the seller incase it gets blocked not gumtree etc.
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