iphone 6 plus battery life dies at 30%

    anyone know the fix for iphone 6 plus battery life, dies at 30% apple will only replace battery if its 6s


    Theres a battery recall program click this link and pop your serial number in to check if your eligible…wn/

    My 6s Plus does exactly the same and I can't seem to fix it.

    Mine iPhone 6 has started doing this too... Only since the iOS 10 update as it was absolutely fine before!

    I had the exact same issue, not seemed to have had this since the last update just before xmas though.
    When I spoke to Apple they were pretty useless to be honest and suggested that I paid them to replace the battery as it wasn't eligible for a battery replacement as they only acknowledge the 6s and 6s Plus as having issues.

    Lithium Ion batteries have a finite life. From the moment you first charge them they start losing a small amount of the charge they can hold. If yours is a 6 then it's easily 18 months old. You will have charged it in the region of 500 times since then and - whilst it's not shot completely - because it's in poor condition (the battery) the iPhone is not able to do an accurate calculation on the remaining charge and so you get it turning off when the % indicator shows as having plenty in reserve.

    I had my 5 for three years and had to have the battery replaced twice. If you're sticking with the same phone I'd recommend a replacement battery. The calibration apps might make the % read out a little more accurate but they won't fix the root cause of the issue.

    You can recalibrate the battery also. Loads of YouTube videos on how to do it.

    This happens with my 6 regularly. Sometimes at 45%, sometimes 50% & once at 65%. It's irritating to say the least. What I've found though is if I can't get to plug it in, give it half an hour & you can just turn the phone back on & it has the same battery percentage from when it went off.

    Had the same issue with my 6S plus after ios 10. I did find that the latest firmware update managed to fix the issue.

    My dad had a very cheap old iPhone 4S and the battery kept going very fast. A full charge which took half a day, then when he used it, it went from 100% to 30% within 2 hours. The back of the phone was boiling hot and nearly burnt his hand, so he chucked it in the bin......

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus and have no problems, but the battery doesn't last that long anyway, so I'm having to keep it on the charger when I'm at home
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