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Posted 19th Nov
Anyone know where I can get a decent aftermarket Iphone 6 plus screen? I know Ifixit has them but they are like £50 and that is just too expensive. I bought one from Amazon from a company called "LL Trader" which had a lot of mostly good reviews. I put it on and it works and looks quite good - but the home button doesn't work at all.

So, anyone got any suggestions on where I can source a good lcd at a decent price?
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Did you swap the home button for your original? LL Trader screens are all I use.
I cannot sway the original in because the home button has detached from the flex cable. I am prepared to live without touch-id - it is a second phone anyway - but not prepared to have no home button.

The original home button did work before id detached from the flex...the LL trader one does not work at all. And the LL Trader button seems much stiffer than the OEM...is that normal?
I've never noticed the home button being stiffer on ll trader screens but I've never had an iPhone myself, just fixed them for other people so couldn't really comment. I'm assuming you bought a complete screen then so didn't need to swap any parts from the original screen over?
Yes, screen with camera, button etc. Works well with good image but damn button...
Have you taken it apart again to double check all connections (very small chance of this happening but worth a try) other than that I'd clean the connection and try again.
Several times, I’ve also tried cleaning connections with alcohol to NO avail
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Ok, so new screen arrived today and everything works like a charm. Screen looks very good for an aftermarket and the fit is not bad either.
LLTrader are OK, no quibble returns on dead/defective screens.
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