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Found 13th Sep 2017
I was about to order a Iphone 6s and noticed they are bringing a new one out.(I'm old!) I don't bother much with phones but my wife has the 6s and i have found that it is really easy to use. Will the price drop much in the next month do you think? What's the history on other Apple releases do they drop in price as new stuff is rolled out? If its only going to drop by a couple of pounds a month i will get one now, my old phone is knackered. Thanks.
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No they dnt drop price as they want you to buy the new one. You can probably get a 7 for roughly same price as 6s
Thanks Batman. I've wanted to say that since I was ten years old.
basic principle with apple release cycle.

On release day new phone/laptop/ipad will have the same price as current models, but old models will drop down by a small margin. And only current and previous generation of device is on sale.

So if you want iphone 6s you wont be able to buy it from apple as it is being discontinued from sales, also it will be overpriced phone for what it is even if you buy it days before new cycle. Simply wait for release of iphone 8 and buy 7 for the price of 6 lol
Best bet is a like new phone from O2 they are very cheap in comparison and they are usually brand new
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