IPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Found 12th Apr 2018
My iPhone 6s battery is very bad, it lasts about a few hours on a full charge (4-5), I’ve seen apple are offering a battery replacement for £25, however my phone is not one of the affected 6s models, and nor does it have any apple warranty. Can I still get my battery replaced for £25?
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It was a free replacement for the ones listed, I think the £25 is for everyone else.
Yes you can. Use the magic words of my iPhone 6s seems to be slowing down. Could I please take you up on the £25 replacement batter offer?
Yes you can get the £25 battery replacement until December.
Also if they say does it get hot ever say yes
Its £25. I was having issues with by phone put my seriel number in and mine wasnt the affected batch.
Spoke to apple chat who ran a diagnostic test on battery and confirmed it needed replacing.

As it was out of warrenty charged £25. Said it can take between 2-5 weeks from reserving the battery to having it fitted. was all done within 2 days

i can tel the difference.
The new update has a Battery Beta- it tells you you battery health in Setting example mine is operating at 89% Of it’s original health
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