iPhone 6s Plus IOS 11.1

Found 2nd Nov 2017
I was wondering if anyone updated their phone to iOS 11.1. I am currently on 10.3.3. But I'm considering updating because of the WPA2 fix. If anyone has the 6s plus what's the battery life like? And is it still buggy?
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I've got the 6s plus still on iOS 10 and my battery life is appalling it dies quickly, same I'm thinking about upgrading to iOS11 but don't know if there will be any benefits
Normal 6s battery life is pretty much the same on 11.1!
11.0.3 killed my friends iPhone 7 and made my daughter's iPhone 6 constantly freeze and restart with terrible battery drain etc.
Iv updated my 6s plus to the most recent up date and the only thing I would say is the battery don’t last
In my experience it’s best not to update iPhone 6 as you’ll notice most things take ages after the update. But 6s and 7 seem to be quick enough.
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