Iphone 7 or Samsung S8

Found 1st Aug 2017

Looking to get a new phone. However which one shall I get?
Why would you recommend one and not the other?
Its going to be between I7 or S8.
Currently on the S6.
Like the samsung phone cos it had a Expandable SD card Slot apart from the S6
Mostly need it for Camera and need to have a good battery.

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This is just going to start a stan war

Since camera is what you are looking for watch this video below to make your decision:

Battery life is good on both phones.
Both phones would suit your requirements. One will have a better camera than the other, one will have a better battery. Arguably both variances will be negliglbe and unless you're an expert photographer I doubt you'd notice the difference.

Personally, i've had both and there's a gnats whisker between Android and iOS nowadays. Kinda comes down to which platform you prefer - Android or Apple.
Thanks will thinking about it:)
I'd go with s8 if your used to Samsung
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