Iphone 7 plus for a Acer XR341CK good decision?

    Would you a sell an iphone 7 plus (gift), for a Acer XR341CK Ultra-Wide Monitor. I'm thinking of doing so as I spend most my time on my computer, but the only let down would be I don't think my R9 Fury can hack 3440x1440p resolution. Also I would something like a moto g4 as my primary phone if I were to sell with the remainder of cash.

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    An R9 Fury is fine for 3440x1440.

    Obviously between two different things only you can weigh up the relative value to yourself but the XR341CK looks like a decent exchange money-wise. It might drop over the next year now that Acer are planning to release a 3840x1600 screen but it seems to tick most of the boxes.
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