iPhone 8, 8 plus or X

Found 20th Feb
I'm switching from my beloved oneplus x and looking to get an iPhone.

Which one should I opt for and what's the best way to pay for it?
I was looking to buy it outright from very (10% off deal) and carry on using my 3 network student sim card ( unlimited mins and texts 30GB data) for £16 a month.

What do you think my best option is.
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People will say otherwise but I say iPhone X
It depends if you think that the Face ID and very slightly improved camera are worth the extra £200. The screen is better too, but not noticeably better. I’ve got the 8+ and it suits me fine. A couple of people at work have got the X and they’re happy with that.
I’d would say the plus as you will be fit more with a bigger screen than anything the x can give you
X is basically one off phone. You will be investing in a end of line product that has more usability issues than anything out there .
If you are used to fingerprint scanner prepare to pick up your phone every single time now.
Also battery life is reported to be worse than on 8 and 8+

There are far more better phones out there, 8 8+ and X are just piss poor phones
The fact that Apple jumped from 7 to 8 without having 7s proves how rushed they were and how they could not improve
I have the X as my personal phone and an 8+ as a work phone. I’ve had my X since release and it’s surprising how quickly you get used to the gestures and lack of Touch ID. If anything, I’d say Touch ID failed me more times than Face ID ever has - and it grows with you.

If Face ID doesn’t recognise you, input your passcode (nullifying the argument the previous poster put forward about having to pick up your phone every time) and it will capture your face and add it to its Secure Enclave (like your fingerprints, your facial captures are never sent anywhere, and are stored only locally on your phone)

Screen wise, the X has the highest resolution of any iPhone, and is bigger than the plus despite being a smaller body.

If you can justify the price, go for a X

p.s as a mobile phone sales advisor I’d personally say that the 8 is more the 7s, I’ve had many, many customers also share this opinion. Most of the customers who’ve purchased an 8 are the ones who couldn’t afford a X (but wanted to!)
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