iPhone 8 screen repair

Posted 29th Oct
My iPhone 8 screen has a few cracks in it, what’s the going rate to replace the screen? Think I was £40 for the my iPhone 7

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A quick google reveals support.apple.com/en-gb/iphone/repair/service/screen-replacement £153 for official apple repair.

Maybe cheaper at unofficial mobile phone repair shops, will invalidate any warranty and will no longer be sealed allowing sweat/rain to penetrate the handset.
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Yeah I would just go with a 3rd party repair service.

I’ve already checked apple official but can’t justify £153. The phones already out of warranty.

Was just wondering if anyone’s had there’s replaced & what’s the average price to pay for a 8 going via the unofficial route.
I had a screen replaced at a local mobile repair shop they did such a bad job that the phone ended up overheating and within two months was fit for nothing. Took it to Apple and said it was a really bad replacement screen and wouldnt touch the phone so it had to be binned. Going to be pot luck what kind of repair you get and depends on where you live to what is available.
Repair it yourself if you’re any way handy. Tools cost very little and the parts are inexpensive too. ifixit.com is a great resource.
Three comments. Not one really answering his question... £30-£40
The majority of displays are really poor quality how anybody can buy, fit and test for £40 the money is certainly not in the materials. I’d pay a decent company that will guarantee its work.
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I buy my own screens and replace them myself! Far cheaper and I know I’m going to look after my own phone with more care
I've recently fixed one using one of these replacement lcds

Relatively easy.
I’ll take it to the local guy tomorrow and see how much he charges.

If it’s going too pricey I’ll attempt myself. I changed the LCD on a iPhone 5 years ago so have a little experience
If you’ve done it before then crack on and do this one yourself. You’ll know exactly what was done with it and have the satisfaction (and saving) of having repaired it yourself
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