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Posted 27th Jul
Hi All,

I'm looking at buying an iPhone for my daughter's birthday however as a samsung user have no idea which model to get. We're thinking either the SE or the 11; the SE is cheaper so at the min leaning towards this one, however worried this may soon become outdated and regretting this decision. Looking for a new, unlocked handset as she currently has a sim only deal for £7pm which works well for her, we're all on EE and so we gift her data and haven't had an issue with allowances etc since we started this a year ago. We get 5% off at argos through work so could pick an SE up for just under £400 but is the SE a wise decision?

Thanks in advance
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If its the 2020 Se then yes its fine and it’ll be supported software wise for a good 7 years or more.

If its the original SE, then no.
If your daughters anything like my oldest she’ll have dropped it before it becomes outdated and cracked the screen. Go for the SE and insure it against accidental damages.
The SE is the most recent iPhone. Safe bet for years to come
Fab, thanks all. Yes it will be the 2020 SE, seems to be the best value around at the moment
I have the iPhone SE 2020 I changed from an iPhone 8 I like the idea of fingerprint, I brought the iPhone XS and returned it as didn’t the like the Face ID, the SE 2020 has all the hardware of an iPhone 11 so will be future proof.
eBay has the 5% discount for Argos as well.
Yes the 11 will be replaced by the 12 soon enough
Wouldnt get the se such an outdated design I'd go for the x or xs
The 11 is quite a bit bigger than the SE as well.
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