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    Can anyone offer any advice im looking to buy a used iphone 3gs however have heard stories on here about people then claiming they have been lost (once sold) and getting them blocked and receiving a new one making the one they sold (ie the one i am buying) useless.

    Is there any way to check etc.

    The iphone is a iphone 3gs 8gb - how much is that worth - used.


    Hi I'm selling a 32gb 3GS for £270, not on contract iv got sim only deals jus brought a iPhone 4 so selling my 3GS as I'm not using it any longer

    If you can get the seller to provide the original receipt that will be some reassurance so if anything goes wrong you can take it to apple and show them, as if it was stolen a thief wouldn't have a receipt.
    Other than that, buy from someone with really good feedback, preferably high value items including mobiles in the past, and if buying on here follow the rules of getting home address etc, maybe even try and collect from the seller's home.
    Just take real care, mobiles are a scammer's paradise,

    There's no way to check, because they can report the phone lost after you've bought it.

    If it's an upgrade even a kosher seller won't have a receipt as they don't come with them.
    Even if they can show you one, there are now gangs targeting dealers and fraudulently getting contracts (using ID theft). They then have a receipt which they use to sell the phone (on Ebay or Gumtee as a rule).

    As SS say above, you have to take the up most care when buying mobiles.
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    Yes will leave it don't know them from Adam. Thanks for the replys.
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