iPHONE advice PLEASE...

    hi, I jus got bac from holiday and saw the thread on massive thread on the iphone. I have skimmed through it and understand the following;

    1. Buy iPhone from o2
    2. Download ziphone and iTunes
    3. Connect iPhone to comp and open iTunes
    4. Minimise. iTunes and open zipone and select do it all

    Is that all I do. Someone please confirm.

    Also I'm confused about updating the firmware, do I do it before or after unlocking it and how do I do it. I saw a video where someone pressed shift and restore in iTunes and updated using a file they already dowliaded. So can someone clarify how to update the firmware.

    Looking to buy it today so anyhelp appreciated.


    hi this here talks you through how to do it

    its easy to do, i just followed this guide…yo/

    you'll be lucky if you can find stock, apparently they're in short supply.
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