iphone advice please

A friend of mine is after an iphone or similar and has asked my advice ( the fool!)

He spends about £10 a month on payg at the mo. with a cheapo phone but wants one with a decent sized screen so he can use things like google maps and memory maps.

In my mind he has three options
- buy new with / without contract
- buy second hand and use payg
- buy secondhand and get contract

is that correct?

At first I thought buying a second hand one on here would be his best bet and sticking with payg.

Now I am wondering if he could buy second hand and use a cheap contract sim with it?

He will obvioulsy need internet but probably not all the other bells and whistles although he probably believes he does!

What are the major pitfalls to look for when buying one second hand and which model would you suggest?



Wait until the iphone 4g hits the mainstream, all previous models will lower in second hand value, as everyone will be flogging theirs off to pay towards the new 4g.

I bought a PAYG iphone from 02, all I pay is 10 a month that gets me unlimited internet and unlimited texts (web & wifi bolt on), then the £10 goes towards calls, I dont make alot so it suits me fine.

Something this expensive, I wouldnt buy second hand, but maybe thats just me.

buy second hand on here and get payg with free internet

i bought a hero off here the other day, though i use text and web payg on o2 15 top up per month for free unlimited texts + internet, think this has changed to 100texts+internet free for 10, or 15 for 300 texts+internet, etc.

i heard t-mobile offers 6months internet for £20 on payg or any plan as well, so i'd suggest they're worth a look at too

a lot of my friends are on simplicity though (the rollover contract thing)

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Thanks guys , three answers in 20 minutes is great - all with different advice!

Now I really am truly confused :-D

I didn't realise the internet was free with payg?

It is with a bolt on from 02. Couldn't imagine being charged per mb on my iPhone, would be rediculous amount!


The above is a link for details on the O2 tariff.

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Is that not just another way of a £120 annual contract?


Is that not just another way of a £120 annual contract?

Yes, but it's quite good value. Most networks charge £10 for unlimited internet alone.

I usually top up £15 and this usually lasts me for 2 months. For the first month I use the free internet and texts, and for the second month I use what's left of the £15.

I rarely use my iPhone for calls, so it works out well.

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Thanks all, that should suit him perfectly.
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