iphone and mbp insurance?

    Hi all,
    I'm going to be getting a iPhone soon to replace my 2g, either a 3gs or the new one when it eventually comes out , and I was just wondering, I'll be getting it on orange.. but what is the best way to insure it for loss, accidental damage or theft?
    I noticed orange insure it for £12 a month I'm with Natwest do they offer any insurance?
    I'll be going to uni next september and so obviously want it insured. Now I have a macbook pro as well and that is insured by pcworld which is quite good ( £9 pm) but they don't cover for loss or theft.. would natwest cover that as well?



    go with the insurance company with phones4u. i had a broken iphone and they gave me the full amount back for it. only 7.99 a month
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