iphone app....

On the iphone advert it shows an app that you can unlock your car with your iphone, anybody know what its called as ive tried searching and cant find it.

Please help, thanks!



it will be a fake or a joke, iphone cannot unlock your car

bit like the water app from a while back, people kept asking if they can drink from it

think its Zippcar

It is zipcar, a car rental scheme? It does say it unlocks the car and is shown doing so on the tv advert


think its Zippcar

thats a car rental app

Original Poster

ok thanks

One on advert is ZipCar but it only unlocks rental cars. not your own it turns out.

Not much use outside London it seems.



You need a Viper alarm system to receive the signal.

This one is better...it can even let you drive your car from your iphone :

did you really think there was an app to unlock your car? :thinking::whistling:
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