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    still waiting for my new 3G from O2 on back order but have downloaded loads of free apps from apps store from new iTunes update. Iwas thinking of buying my 1st app... what do you think of this pianist app... demo here from youtube:…ats

    Looks cool!


    Alot of the apps are **** to be honest, just things to satisfy people until the real apps come through I think. - Monkey ball is ok. Dont think its worth £5.99 tho lol.

    Is it just me being negative ?? hmmmm

    I am waiting for a tomtom application, and also for the battery to last more than a day with light usage.

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    have to agree that the battery barely lasts a day!

    I haven't had the need to charge my phone since yesterday morning .. and i've had light usage with 3g on.

    As for the apps, I agree most will be ****. I used the GPS the other day and was quite surprised how quick it worked and how accurate it is. I've heard of rumours of a version of TomTom being released, so lets see how much it is, and if its worth buying. As for piano.. if its anything like the jailbreak version from the original, i wouldn't get it unless it was free. The novelty wears off within minutes.
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