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On my iphone on the Apps store icon its telling me that there are 13 updates i need to install. When im clicking the icon and going to install there is a prompt asking me for my password i am registered with itunes but the problem is that the preson who owned the phone before me his email comes up on the screen and i cannot change or delete it there is only the password bit i can enter my password.

How do i take the other persons email address out and put mine there???



On iTunes, if you click on store, choose sign out. Once done, you should then be able to go back in a Create an account. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Or sign in with a different account

Hit 'Settings' (iPhone settings), then 'Store'. You should be able to change it there. :thumbsup:

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Hit 'Settings' (iPhone settings), then 'Store'. You should be able to … Hit 'Settings' (iPhone settings), then 'Store'. You should be able to change it there. :thumbsup:

I have tried this but even then it still comes up with the old owners email address and wont let me put mine in.

You will have to remove the app and purchase (even if free) the app using your account. Otherwise you'll need the password for this account.
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