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Please, no iPhone/Android stuff.

I'm having problems connecting to my wifi, it keeps saying incorrect password, when I know 100% it is correct, I have other stuff connected to it with the same password (I was trying to set up some Xaiomi Yeelights last night - just don't do it. They are £13 for a reason).

I intend restoring both my router and iPhone back to factory settings.

I just want to know, if I back up all my iPhone data (have just done it) and then reset iPhone to factory, if I then restore the back up, will it reinstall my settings exactly as they were, thus making it pointless, or will it fix any possible IOS issues that might be causing the problems I'm having?

I am aware it could just be the router, which is possibly an easier fix, but I've just got a feeling it's the phone, after researching on the internet. It seems to be a common fault.

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Is your WiFi 5 or 2ghz ?
It's dual but I switched off 5 at the router, was getting a bit confused which needed 2 (yeelights) and which needed 5, so I thought I would streamline it.

When the phone locks/goes to sleep, sometimes wifi connects again straight away, other times it keeps asking for correct password. Then after 4 or 5 attempts it might connect...or it might not
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Sorted thanks. Restored both phone and router to default, password problems stopped. Restored backup, still ok.
That's great news! Well done!
boss9119999 m ago

That's great news! Well done!


I remember you

Where've you been?

Ta btw
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No hammer needed then?.
deeky7 h, 3 m ago

[Image] I remember you Where've you been? Ta btw

I'm hard to forget.
I've been flying under the radar.
Finally no problem
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