Iphone back up - why does it take so long?

    I've been trying to back up my phone but it has been plugged in for around 8 hours now and it's still only a third of the way acroos the progress bar.

    Is this normal or has it crashed?

    Is there any way to make it quicker, would deleting apps do it?

    any help appreciated


    That really doesnt sound normal at all!.
    Mine takes normally a couple of minutes max.

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    yeah I didn't think it should take so long but a quick search on google and it's a common problem but I can't find any real solution

    I know mine can sometimes take around an hour and a half. I don't do it very often so there's probably a big build up off stuff. I've only got three pages of apps too.

    mine takes a few minutes max! Restore it and if that doesnt do anything, take it back to an apple store for a new one!

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    yeah I'm on the latest iTunes, I've just installed windows 7 and downloaded the latest one.

    the iPod is jailbroken, would that make a difference?

    I don't really want to restore it as that will put the latest firmware on it, won't it?

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    anyone got any ideas as to what else i can do?
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