iPhone battery life usage statistics

    I have a 16GB 3GS and after a 100% charge the battery usage statistics appear for a little bit and then i'll check in about an hour and instead of telling me the usage in mins or hours it just has " - - " Any ideas???? This has been bugging me now!



    Can't give a an answer on the definite cause, but you aren't alone. I never check the usage so I hadn't realised this was even happening (rely solely on meter on statusbar).All I can suggest is to deactivate as many services as possible when charging (read on some forums about push notifications or similar "possibly" interrupting the recharge cycle.) I've found battery life much better on the 3gs than on my previous 3g ' s, maybe half a day or so longer, but I keep location services,3g switched off and modest brightness etc. No real help sorry!…634

    Could be helpful if you are having battery problems :thumbsup:
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